Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Havana Twists

I just recently got my hair done into a protective style. They are called Havana Twists and this is my first time trying them out. I am trying to give myself a break from doing my hair so frequently, while allowing my hair to grow out. My hair is still recovering from all of the damage I did to it and now I plan to wear my hair in these styles for up to a year. I am excited to document all of the hairstyles I'll wear and the growth of my natural hair. Watch this video to see my thoughts on my havana twists and more.

Monday, August 1, 2016

My July Favorites 2016

I just recently uploaded my new YouTube video! I'm trying to stay as consistent as possible with my channel. In my new video, I talk about some of the current products I used and why I loved them. Also, I talk about some of my favorite shows and films that I've watched in the month of July! Check out the video now and don't forget to subscribe!

  1. Trader Joe's Coconut Oil
  2. Mac Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick
  3. Trader Joe's Cookie Butter
  4. EJNYC TV Show
  5. Fashion Documentaries- Click here for a list of my favorites!
Watch it now to find out why I'm in love with the things above! Also, to the right, you will see more of my recent uploads.