Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Favorite Carrie Bradshaw Looks From Sex & The City

Sex & The City is one of the most fashionable shows ever aired on television. There were so many luxury brand names dropped on the series. Personally, I first heard about Manolo Blahnik after watching so many episodes. I hope I'm not the only one...

From couture gowns to lavish Herm├Ęs Birkin bags, Sex & The City had it all and I was always in some way inspired each episode. Most outfits were out the box and mostly worn by the ever so fabulous Carrie Bradshaw.

Carrie's wardrobe was the most exciting out of the bunch. One episode she's wearing a tutu and the next she's wearing a gold nameplate necklace and earrings. There was no limit for Carrie and that's what I loved about her wardrobe. You can really see the creativity put into her fashion. The nude dress that was seen on the side of the bus during the opening credits and also in season 1 episode 6 when Big and she went on their first date, was simple and chic. One of the most simplistic outfits I've ever seen her wear, but yet it made such a huge statement.

Who could forget the epic nude dress?

She was doing great until...

Don't remember what episode this is from, but how cute?!
The last two episodes of the series when Carrie and her beau went to Paris, her wardrobe was the ultimate finale, literally. Her Paris looks were legendary and definitely the best of the best! She made me feel the energy of Paris just through her looks, even though she wasn't having a good time. I hope when I one day go to Paris, I can look nearly as fashion forward as she did.

He's no Big...

Carrie was certainly a one of a kind and so was her wardrobe. We laughed and we cried with Carrie in so many of her crazy adventures in Sex & The City. For all fashion enthusiasts, we will never forget all of the inspiration Carrie gave us in every episode. What's your favorite Carrie Bradshaw looks?

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