Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lake Murray

The past weekend I visited Lake Murray and it was so beautiful. I really love the nature in California. From the beach to being lakeside, I always feel happy and relaxed when I am there. I bought this off the shoulder top and red handkerchief from Brandy Melville. It's kind of ridiculous that I bought a simple handkerchief for 10 bucks, but hey I was in the shopping mood and groove. Now that I live on the west coast, I've been obsessed with everything Brandy. My first time shopping there was my freshman year in college when I lived in NYC. I was hooked then, but something about actually being in California makes you obsessed with it. I wore these cute boyfriend jeans that I got from Hollister for only $25. I recommend visiting Hollister if you're ever in need of some good jeans at an inexpensive price. I had to put on a belt because they were a little big around the hips, but I made it work. For shoes, I wore grey strap-on sandals. I love this outfit and it's definitely one of my favorites. 

Earrings: Forever 21
Handkerchief Choker: Brandy Melville
Top: Brandy Melville
Belt: H&M
Boyfriend Jeans: Hollister Co.
Sandals: Forever 21

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