Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day Lookbook: Five Fantastic Choices

I'm a little late on posting outfit inspiration for Valentine's Day. Oops! But, the motto is better late than never. So, I put together a little slideshow of looks I came up with inspired by Valentine's Day or Galentine's day(for the single ladies out there). I'm pretty sure that most of these outfits will cater to a wide variety. I made sure to include every type of girl. So take a look below and let me know which ones are your fave!

1. "The Adorable Look" is for those going for a sweet, delicate look. I paired a cute blush colored Micky Mouse sweater with a feather skirt, cheetah print flats, and a Givenchy bag. For the accessories, I included a rhinestone headband, pearl studs, and an Alex & Ali crown bracelet. Nothing says adorable like a Disney character.

2. "The Modern Day Carrie B. Look" is for those die hard Sex in the City fans wanting a modern day twist on Carrie Bradshaw's epic wardrobe. She always seemed to know how to pull off a nice tutu, so I decided to pair a crop top with a simple black tutu. The crop top has a bit of edge to it displaying a trendy graphic stating "Blame It On My Unicorn". I added a pair of metallic platforms, a black handbag, and a floppy black hat. As for accessories I added gold rings, a fur phone case, mirrored Ray-Ban aviators, and statement earrings. Funk it up this Valentine's Day with this outfit selection as inspiration.

3. "The Elegant Look" is a a very elegant and chic look. This look is for those wanting a classic look to celebrate love. This sophisticated black and white striped dress and pair of red pumps with a nice touch of a bow, are sure to make just enough of a statement. I added a pair of black and silver earrings with a nice watch to match. Last but not least, I added a selection of either a black Givenchy handbag or floral clutch to finish the look off.

4. "The Simple Look" is as it states something simple for those going for a chill look this Valentine's/Galentine's Day. A simple black romper is perfect if you are looking for something comfortable, but still stylish. Pairing it with a blush colored cardigan adds more to the laid back vibe this outfit of choice gives off. But pairing it with some lace up heels glamorizes this look almost instantly saying, " I don't care that much, but I care just enough to slay!". I added a marble designed clutch, clustered stud earrings, a chanel bangle, and a three layered necklace. Finally, I added a pair of retro sunglasses for a cool, polished finish.

5. "The Bedtime Look" is a classy, but sexy look for those looking to spice things up this Valentine's Day. Whether it be for someone special or for yourself, you won't disappoint with this number. This chic burgundy romper is perfect if you want to wear lingerie that's not too raunchy and doesn't give much away...yet. So, I added a pair of thigh high lace up boots with a velvet material adding to the aesthetic of this look. I also added ruby and gold colored earrings for a luxurious effect. Since it is Valentine's/Galentine's Day why not add to the romantic mood of the holiday with candles, aromatherapy, and spritzing perfume on yourself with the name "Desire". You're going to need a nice bag to carry this stuff in if you plan to go some where, so I added a great and classic Louis Vuitton duffle bag to carry your stuff in.

I hope you all have been inspired by the styling of these outfit choices. Have a very nice Valentine's/Galentine's Day this year!

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