Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What I'm Listening To: Stacy Barthe

It's really hard to find artists these days who have songs with real meaning. I remember being young and listening to India Arie with my mom and she would sing about loving yourself as you are and that we are all beautiful. I don't hear a lot of artists like India in today's times. That is why when I found Stacy Barthe on Pandora 2-3 years ago, I knew I found a gem. Her voice is so powerful and beautiful along with the content she produces. She has written songs for many artists, such as Rihanna, and she's been putting out her own music for a while now. The first song I heard from her was "Drink My Pain Away". The beat was awesome and her voice just flowed so smoothly. Then, she started to put out more and more music that I just really loved. Many people may know her song, "Flawed Beautiful Creatures", from the commercials for "Being Mary Jane". Which is such an uplifting song for many people to listen to. Now she has a new album called BEcoming. I pretty much love every song. My faves right now are Walk on Water, In My Head, and Here I Am. I highly recommend checking her out, because it is time for change from all this "trap music" that is trending right now. People need to take a stand and finally say that it is not okay to say any type of garbage you're thinking in your head. Then try to have it blasting in everybody's house, car, and dare I say work places. So I hope that Stacy becomes more popular and is able to put actual great music out for the lives of mostly young people.

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