Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Virtual World Vs. Reality

I wrote a post last year for a class assignment asking if the internet has gone too far. I gave examples on the trending hot con and Kermit the Frog. Since then it seems like the internet has gotten worse. What happens when you've crossed all boundaries? You make up more boundaries to cross. Oh boy! That's what it seems like the media has been doing now. I personally feel like we are all a little too connected over the internet. Something that seemed like a benefit in the beginning is literally a curse now. There is so much craziness going on behind the screens of our computers, phones, and televisions. I saw the other day a girl that posted a picture saying "If I get 1000 likes I will stop cutting myself'", and my mouth literally dropped. Then she added male celebrities in the comment section begging them to like the picture. I was just like...what in the world is really going on. People are doing anything on Instagram and Facebook to get noticed and to feel that they are important. So many young women and girls posting half naked, if not naked, pictures on Instagram every two seconds. Seeking acceptance and seeming as though their self-esteem is really low. But then again what do you expect them to do when they are looking up to people such as the Kardashians? Who literally will do, take off, and act any way for attention/fame. I mean her own sisters duplicated her look and lifestyle as they got older...

Let's talk about this "Insta-Fame"concept really quickly. What the heck is this? I am so tired of seeing ordinary people on Intagram bragging about having such a luxurious and wonderful life, but don't have anything really going for themselves. People are naming whatever they want to be in their description and making people believe that they actually have certification for doing it. For example, all of these "makeup artists" who claim to be professional because they have mastered doing it on themselves, but have no pictures of their clients and events they've worked. All you see is them in their makeup with no official site that shows their work on other people, nor resume. How are you professional? Also, this man called Dan Bilzerian who's supposedly "Insta-Famous", that every guy looks up to and wants to be. All he does is post naked women, jets, and whatever crap he's doing. It is really appalling to me how this is supposedly a "man". Someone who is supposed to be living the life but has to get the attention and acceptance from everyone else to confirm that he does. Like...how is that life? Having no aim, no real purpose, nor goal in your daily routine. I'm not trying to judge his lifestyle, but the point I'm making is why do people look up to this? Why is he famous? Why is this a vision of a man? Instead of someone who works hard to provide for his family and showers love and care upon them. Someone people would deem just "normal" and "non-important". Then we have young girls sucking cups to get this new invention called full lips, because their personal God Kylie Jenner decided to get her lips done. Sorry to tell you ladies, but full lips have been here for forever and was labeled ugly for a long time directed towards black women and men.

Now on to Facebook and it's craziness. Everybody is on there arguing, cheating and acting a plain fool for absolutely no reason. They have on the side of the main page certain "issues" that are going on even though it's predominantly foolish news and the quote on quote real news is on everybody's mind for about a week and then that's it. Everybody is copying each other career wise, fashion style wise, and personality wise. Everyone's identity right now is based on what they saw someone doing or wearing on Facebook/Instagram and then they duplicate it in their real life. Like...what happened to being unique? What happened to having your own identity?

Now lets move on to these social media "careers". What is this? Why would you praise and celebrate someone who decided to sit in front of a camera and brag about the stuff they bought, the outfits they wore, and the makeup they like? I'm sorry, but I am putting it out there that it is absolutely ridiculous to think someone on Youtube is a celebrity or star. It is absolutely ridiculous for someone to make and edit videos all day at home and make more money than someone who is working in a steel mill risking their life every time they go. This stuff isn't okay and I'm sorry but I am not about to pretend it is. Don't get me wrong I like watching YouTube videos of people trying new hairstyles, giving makeup tips, and especially DIYs. But when you act arrogant and you have people screaming over you when they could be doing the same thing you're doing, it is absolutely ludicrous!  What's even crazier is this Bethany Mota randomness and brands promoting her for absolutely no reason. Her videos are average and have been the same thing in a cycle since she's been on Youtube. But yet she's getting deals and awards...like for what?

Finally, this blogging craze...like why. Everybody loves fashion now and just must have a fashion blog now. Literally everyone! When I first started blogging, there were a lot of bloggers out, but now everybody is a blogger. Everybody wants to be a fashion guru, but yet you're copying styles you found someone else wear instead of being innovative and showing your creativity, which to me is what fashion is about.

I just want to say to everyone just find who you are and stop seeking it online. Take a break away from it all, because when you do all the craziness will evaporate instantly. Don't try to duplicate what someone else is doing because their life is obviously not perfect. When you have a phone and a laptop you can be anyone you want to be now. But I guarantee almost everyone online is unhappy and unfulfilled. Otherwise you wouldn't need to be online all the time. Just be content with who you are at the moment and know that everyday is a new day to discover who you are. Everyday is an opportunity to go after what you really want. So live instead of living through fantasy lifestyles on Instagram. YES SOCIAL MEDIA, YOU'VE GONE WAY TOO FAR!!!!

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