Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

I went to the dentist's office Friday morning a little nervous. I didn't know what to expect after hearing good and very bad experiences. So when I went back with the dental assistant I sat in the chair and waited patiently for the oral surgeon to come in. When he finally arrived I knew the procedure would go smoothly, because he was so cute. He started with injecting seven shots into my mouth. I know that sounds like a lot but after the first two I really couldn't feel anything. Once he finished he went to do the same thing to another patient. My mouth was so numb I couldn't even breathe through my mouth or swallow. Still waiting on him to start pulling my teeth, I started to hear a man gagging. That's when I started to feel scared, because at the time I thought he was pulling his teeth. But the dental assistant explained to me that he was just giving him the shots. That kind of made me feel better, but it was a little overwhelming to hear some one consistently gagging while also shaking uncontrollably from the anesthetics having synthetic adrenaline in it. So, the oral surgeon came and started pulling finally. It was pretty much done in 15 minutes. It went very smooth, except for one tooth that was sitting on my nerve and when he tried to pull it I started to experience excruciating pain. So when I let him know he stopped and instead cracked the tooth, drilled the part down to the root where it was on top of my nerve, and removed the other piece. It felt so much better after he did that. So in all, the procedure was very easy and not bad at all.

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Day 1
After the procedure was finished and I was allowed to go home, the anesthetics started to wear off. My dad was supposed to get my medicine immediately after we left the office, but he didn't. So I was sitting in really bad pain for about 2 hours until he brought the medicine to me. After I took my pain killers and antibiotics I was ready to sleep, but I couldn't. Something in the medicine had me hyped up and I found it very difficult to sleep. I went to bed very late because I pretty much didn't have a choice. I'm glad I had my brother and mom to keep me company and watching movies with them helped me to keep my mind off the pain.

Day 2-3
I thought I would start feeling better by then, but I felt no change. I still could barely open my jaw and had to keep eating mushy foods. They say to rest for the first three days and you should be fine, but it took me about two weeks to start feeling a change.

All in all, the recovery for me was horrible. I experienced heartburn, nausea, and stomach pains. I took my medicine with my meals and took my antibiotics as they prescribed. But still I got really sick out of the blue and my immune system was very week three weeks after the procedure straight. Its amazing though, how your gums heal and become how they were before your teeth grew in. 

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