Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Repair Your Damaged Hair


Getting your hair bleached is a huge risk for its health. But when we have in mind what we want to look like it can be hard to say no. That's how I felt when I decided I wanted an ombre style that had blonde at the tips of my hair. But when I actually got it done the hairdresser did not do it right. What she did was dye my whole head blonde but the roots. I was like oh boy...this is not at all what I wanted. Yes, the color was very appealing on me in my opinion, but I knew that it was not going to be good on my hair's health. So the hairdresser explained to me how to keep it moisturized with a hair oil brand called Africa's Best. Even though I did what she told me it didn't work well on my naturally curly hair. The oil never seeped into my curls, it just seemed to stay on top of it making my hair extra greasy. 


So I looked around on how to repair dry and damaged hair. Then I found a wonderful recipe that only required regular household items. All you need is mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil, and for a better smell add vanilla extract. Then you wash your hair with water and start to spread the mixture all over your head. After you've put it all on your hair you can put a shower cap on and leave it in for about 30 minutes to an hour. After you've had it in for the times directed you can wash it out and then dry your hair. After its dry I would recommend using a leave in conditioner so your hair can stay moisturized. That's it! It's easy and simple, but a little smelly. It has worked wonders on my hair and I see so much improvement on its growth, moisture, and texture.


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