Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Abercrombie & Fitch Interview Tips

After being hired at a tier 1 store in New York City, I think I can share a few tips that may help with getting hired at any Abercrombie & Fitch store. I worked at the flagship store that had 4 floors and 3 above it for employees. So it was quite huge. So here are the tips!

1. Relax

Don't be nervous or intimidated because that will mess you up. You're going to be in a group interview. At a big store, like the flagship I worked, at you'll be with about 5-6 people. In a small town area mall it'll be about 3 people. Even though you're in a group stay focused on yourself and let your personality shine as much as possible.

2. Don't dress up!

An interview at A&F is very different from your typical interviews. You don't have to wear your nice pants or new blouse. Just wear something casual and cute that helps display your personality even more. 

3. Don't let the reputation of the brand get to you.

A&F is a brand known for hiring "good looking" people. I mean at my store there was always a guy at the door with his shirt off trying to flex his muscles. To be honest when I had to take my uniforms home with me, but I had class after work; I ended up walking in a fashion school with a big Abercrombie bag and it was pretty embarrassing. Their "reputation" among the fashion industry is honestly not a good one. So don't let the insecurity of the people who work their make you insecure. Everyone is beautiful and they would be lucky to have any one work for them!

4. It will be quick so make an impression!

At a typical A&F interview they ask you about 5-6 questions and then it's over. The interview process does not last long at all. So therefore you have to be that shining star that sets you apart from the others in the group. Give a concise response to each question because that will impress them on how well you can communicate.

5. Getting a response to whether you're hired or not.

After you've had your interview they usually tell you they'll give you a response within a week. Don't rely on that though, its a complete lie. It'll take them about 2-3 weeks to tell you. So don't sit by the phone and don't feel defeated when the week is up. It just takes them a while to give some prospects a response on whether they've been hired. 

That's it! Good Luck!

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