Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quick Top 5 Tips to Living in NYC

I spent about 8 months in New York City and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my insight on making the transition to the big city. These are my top five tips that may help those moving to NYC soon, wanting to move there eventually, or those who are just curious. Hopefully this can help! 

1. $1 Pizza

You will never find a better deal than a pizza slice for a buck! If you are low on cash you don't have to starve. This saved me so many times being on a budget and needing lunch between classes. It's absolutely delicious! You can add another slice and a drink and only pay $2.50.

2. Fashion Week Opportunities

New York fashion is in the big leagues. With it being a fashion capital, there are so many opportunities to get your foot in the door. NY Fashion Week is one of the most important weeks in the fashion industry and it allows pretty much anyone to be apart of it. You can volunteer and you may be lucky enough to attend a show. Whether fashion is or isn't for you, check it out because it's an experience of a lifetime that you may really enjoy.

3. Metrocard

Daily living in NYC will consist of taking the subway to maneuver around the city. My biggest tip for this is to buy monthly metrocards. You have the option of adding money to your card or buying a card for a week. But in the end you'll save more money and time by buying a monthly. Don't be scared by the price of the monthly, which is $112. 

4. Clubs

My months in NYC consisted of a lot of nights out. My college didn't have any parties, so the only way to go out and have fun was to go to a club. The cheapest way to have a good time is to go with a promoter. They will help get you in, supply you with drinks, and also make you feel more comfortable in the environment. Try to find a woman promoter, that'll be the best option.

5. It's Free!!!

Go visit famous landmarks and parks, such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. They are free and absolutely beautiful. Central Park is huge so you can go multiple times to visit different areas of the park. The Brooklyn Bridge allows you to get a great view of the city and can transport you to Brooklyn. Did I mention it's free!!! You can also take pictures and brag on Instagram about where you've been. You'll impress a lot of people.

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