Tuesday, August 12, 2014

PRAHM!!! My Prom Experience

Going to an online high school definitely has its pros and cons. One of the cons would be the lack of opportunity to attend high school dances. Yes, you could always go to local high school dances, but what if you don't know anyone there or you left that certain school for a reason. Options can become very slim very quickly when trying to find the solution with that in mind. So, I am the type of girl who loves to get dressed up and look glam from time to time, so dances are something that really interest me. Though out of all dances, prom is the ultimate school dance experience I always wanted. When I was young I would go see some girls from my church off to their prom, and it made me so excited to grow up and be able to do the same. Things happen in life that can take you through a loop and unfortunately prom wasn't something easy to go to. I searched and searched for opportunities ,even got help from a friend, but was coming up short. Then, I found a home school prom opportunity that was all the way in Detroit, Michigan. It was four hours away from my hometown, but my parents were very eager for me to have the experience I always wanted. My dad was very supportive finance wise in making sure I could get everything I wanted. My mom, my cousin, and I all drove to Detroit to make my prom dream come true. I was lucky to have them as my dates! They never got to attend their own prom, so there is a first for everything. Very grateful for the effort my family put in for me to have an enjoyable experience at prom. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Detroit and had the most delightful experience. The prom started out slow, but at the end we were dancing the night away. Turning up to "Turn Down For What" and it really turned out to be a fun night. The prom was on a boat and we passed by Canada and saw some beautiful houses. We also passed by a beautiful bridge, while we danced on the top of the boat. I went to the movies and went to Delia's for my day after prom activity. Thank you dad, mom, Dara, and any one else who helped me with my prom dream! I hope this can encourage anyone to make their dreams come true whether big or small!