Sunday, July 6, 2014

Southern Illinois University Visit

As I stated before, I am in my senior year of high school and I will be graduating soon. One of the responsibilities of being a senior is making the decision of what college you want to attend. Visiting different colleges makes this decision easier. In February, I went to visit Southern Illinois University Carbonadale in Carbondale, Illinois. I was accepted into the university though at the time I visited I didn't know if I was or not. The campus was very large which is why they had a long schedule planned for the day to get an accurate feel of the campus. I was interested in their fashion styling major and went to visit their fashion department. The director of the fashion division was very sweet and it had a personal touch to it. We went to visit the dorms which were very clean and I was surprised, because ones I had visited previously weren't the best in cleanliness. They were very spacious which is an added plus to the cleanliness. Then we were given lunch from their cafeteria buffet style. I had their chicken tenders and I wasn't really enjoying them. So the food in my opinion wasn't the best which is a definite disadvantage. Then we had a tour of the campus on a bus with our tour guide. We went to visit their student center that had a bowling alley, Starbucks, McDonald's, Sbarro, and so many other amazing resources. It was really cool that it had all those things being an advantage showing the many employment opportunities available to students on campus. Then we visited the library and it was huge. It had book shelves that move when you touch a switch on them and I was just amazed. I know it was something minor, but it was so cool. Their gym was humongous and it was full of friendly buff cuties helping with the open house which almost had me commit to the university right then and there. I'm just kidding, but it was a nice sight. The university is surrounded by nature which makes the campus look so beautiful. In the end though I knew Southern Illinois University wasn't what I was looking for. I want to be in an urban area and this school definitely doesn't have that. Also, studying fashion in a city around so many resources is much more appealing than what they could offer.

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