Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Discussion: Social Media, is it Out of Control?

Hello everyone, I have to do an assignment on different issues for my Contemporary World Issues class and I  have to blog about it. That is why I am doing this literally out of the blue. So I chose to discuss social media since it is such an influential source in current times. Social media definitely has its advantages with being able to reach such a large audience and now being able to brand yourself. Careers have even been created through social media, being a resource to create more jobs. With that being said, sometimes as humans when we are given an inch we go a mile. That is why limits are, in my opinion, important and need to be set at a certain standard, because people take things too far. Lately there has been so many trends surrounding Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with the latest being quotes with Kermit the frog. Also, the most mind numbing trend of them all, the "Hot Convict" buzz. I just see how easy it can be to spread ignorance through the web and it can be a bit overbearing. I think that in younger generations this can be a distraction to implementing a successful life and can have a negative effect on the outcome of our future in the long run if these "trends" continue. No good is really coming out of all of the craziness being said and spread on social media sites. I think it is sickening and disappointing some of the content that can pop up on your timeline. People are being disrespectful to one another and disrespecting important issues such as political and global. This is also causing people to follow what ever they see and hear. It's like independent thinking is a myth now. Young people and older people can take things too literal on social media and follow the most ignorant things they can find. You don't have to like or do things just based on what you see! But hey that's just my opinion. I believe social media has gone too far. What do you think? Has social media gone too far?