Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Discussion: Social Media, is it Out of Control?

Hello everyone, I have to do an assignment on different issues for my Contemporary World Issues class and I  have to blog about it. That is why I am doing this literally out of the blue. So I chose to discuss social media since it is such an influential source in current times. Social media definitely has its advantages with being able to reach such a large audience and now being able to brand yourself. Careers have even been created through social media, being a resource to create more jobs. With that being said, sometimes as humans when we are given an inch we go a mile. That is why limits are, in my opinion, important and need to be set at a certain standard, because people take things too far. Lately there has been so many trends surrounding Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with the latest being quotes with Kermit the frog. Also, the most mind numbing trend of them all, the "Hot Convict" buzz. I just see how easy it can be to spread ignorance through the web and it can be a bit overbearing. I think that in younger generations this can be a distraction to implementing a successful life and can have a negative effect on the outcome of our future in the long run if these "trends" continue. No good is really coming out of all of the craziness being said and spread on social media sites. I think it is sickening and disappointing some of the content that can pop up on your timeline. People are being disrespectful to one another and disrespecting important issues such as political and global. This is also causing people to follow what ever they see and hear. It's like independent thinking is a myth now. Young people and older people can take things too literal on social media and follow the most ignorant things they can find. You don't have to like or do things just based on what you see! But hey that's just my opinion. I believe social media has gone too far. What do you think? Has social media gone too far?

Monday, July 7, 2014

First EDM Concert

I absolutely love dance and techno music. I have always listened to it at home and in the car dancing wildly to it. So how did I come to love this music so much? Well let me give you a little background on this. I used to work at modern TCBY/Mrs. Fields and the music they would play was dance/techno music. I worked a lot of hours, so I would hear this music all the time constantly. That is when I really started to get into it. I didn't really like that kind of music when it was first being introduced to the radio, but the songs I would hear in TCBY/Mrs. Fields were different. It was a more smooth sound and I came to understand the music of Morgan Page, John De Sohn, Tiesto, and many other artists. Every time I heard a song I liked I would check to see the name of the songs and artists. That is pretty much the story of how I came to love this kind of music.

Now that you have the background story it is easy to see why I was so excited to go to my first EDM concert. With some of my favorite artists performing such as Morgan Page, John Martin, and Chris Lake. I didn't know what to expect or what to wear so I was in for a pretty big surprise. I read online that EDM attire included wearing bathing suits, wigs, and other outlandish clothing, but I didn't know for sure if that would be right to wear to the one I was attending. I also didn't think I should trust some random post I found on the Internet. So I decided to just wear neon colors and leave it at that. Especially since it was so cold outside I was definitely not about to wear a swimsuit.

So as me and my brother get there, it was not exactly what I was expecting it to be. The post was right there were definitely girls there wearing bathing suit tops and other outlandish clothing. People were high and getting drunk. Everyone was grinding all over the place extremely sloppy. There really was no VIP section, which is what I paid extra money for. It was all in all a mess. To look on the bright side I did get to dance and see the voice for "Don't You Worry Child" ,by Swedish House Mafia,  John Martin perform and I saw my favorite, Morgan Page, in person. Also, got to hear my favorite song Helium by Chris Lake live. So, it was all a learning experience and as I go to other EDM events maybe it'll be different and I'll be more adjusted to the environment. Maybe I'll have more fun at my second one. My first experience though wasn't that great, but I'm keeping hope alive for my next one.

Quick Selfie!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Southern Illinois University Visit

As I stated before, I am in my senior year of high school and I will be graduating soon. One of the responsibilities of being a senior is making the decision of what college you want to attend. Visiting different colleges makes this decision easier. In February, I went to visit Southern Illinois University Carbonadale in Carbondale, Illinois. I was accepted into the university though at the time I visited I didn't know if I was or not. The campus was very large which is why they had a long schedule planned for the day to get an accurate feel of the campus. I was interested in their fashion styling major and went to visit their fashion department. The director of the fashion division was very sweet and it had a personal touch to it. We went to visit the dorms which were very clean and I was surprised, because ones I had visited previously weren't the best in cleanliness. They were very spacious which is an added plus to the cleanliness. Then we were given lunch from their cafeteria buffet style. I had their chicken tenders and I wasn't really enjoying them. So the food in my opinion wasn't the best which is a definite disadvantage. Then we had a tour of the campus on a bus with our tour guide. We went to visit their student center that had a bowling alley, Starbucks, McDonald's, Sbarro, and so many other amazing resources. It was really cool that it had all those things being an advantage showing the many employment opportunities available to students on campus. Then we visited the library and it was huge. It had book shelves that move when you touch a switch on them and I was just amazed. I know it was something minor, but it was so cool. Their gym was humongous and it was full of friendly buff cuties helping with the open house which almost had me commit to the university right then and there. I'm just kidding, but it was a nice sight. The university is surrounded by nature which makes the campus look so beautiful. In the end though I knew Southern Illinois University wasn't what I was looking for. I want to be in an urban area and this school definitely doesn't have that. Also, studying fashion in a city around so many resources is much more appealing than what they could offer.