Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Better Late Than Never...

....but never late is better. That was a pretty corny line, but I couldn't resist. On February 2, 2014 I finally turned the big 1-8! Its crazy how my birthday landed on Superbowl Sunday, but it took away the crowds. I spent the weekend in Chicago for the second time in a row, but definitely stepped it up. Before we left I received a beautiful and tasty edible arrangement from my father. We stayed at a vintage boutique hotel called the Whitehall and it was such a wonderful place to stay. Everyone at the hotel were so accommodating and nice it really made a huge impact on our experience for the weekend.  The room was spacious and the bathroom was beautiful. The Whitehall hotel is a place I would recommend to stay if your planning to visit Chicago anytime soon.

As we arrived at the hotel on the day of my birthday, I needed to get my nails done and the concierge politely gave me a list of nail salons open on Sundays. I was so thankful, because I was freaking out on whether or not i would be able to get them done on a Sunday. I went to the perfect nail salon in walking distance from the hotel. Even got a great deal on a manicure and pedicure. Then, I got my makeup done in our hotel room, which was awesome. I felt so special and I got a great deal from Groupon. City Loft Makeup artist Sally made me look like a celebrity! She's so talented and I fully recommend checking out City Loft Makeup for any event that you would need makeup services for.

My Transformation!

After I was done getting my makeup on it was time for me to get ready to go out for my birthday dinner. I got dressed and headed out toward the John Hancock building. We went all the way up to the 95th floor to the beautiful Signature Room Restaurant. I was in awe of how beautiful the scenery was. We were seated by a window that had a perfectly good view of the city and Navy Pier. Being so high up was a little scary and looking down to see the top of really high buildings wasn't helpful. Though it was worth it! I got a beautiful slide show created by my father and brother on how I grew up over the years and it was very touching. My mom gave me a beautiful card and outfits from one of my favorite stores, which is Delia's. Then, it was time to eat as we received our entrees. I had their steak with mashed potatoes and spinach, it was absolutely to die for delicious. I also tasted some of my mom's scallops and they were also delicious. Then I had their creme brulee with a candle and birthday message on the plate. I felt sophisticated for getting a birthday dessert and not cake, I felt so mature.

Sleeping Beauty

After dinner my mom and I headed back to the hotel, because we were so exhausted from the day. I put on my new pajamas and was out with the snap of a finger needing my beauty rest for the next day's activities. On Monday morning, my mom and I received breakfast in bed thanks to room service while watching Baggage Claim. Then, we headed out for a little shopping at Urban Outfitters, Akira Chicago, and other stores inside the Water Tower. We needed a little snack after all the shopping we did so we stopped by Sprinkles cupcakes and red mango. After that, it was time to head on home and with memories I'll never forget. This was definitely a top birthday party for me. I enjoyed myself so much feeling like a pampered princess in everything we did. It was great to experience in a moment where I became a matured adult. I know I have a lot of pictures, but they are worth a thousand words!

Dress: Akira Chicago
Wedges: Discovery Clothing
Tights: Discovery Clothing
Earrings: Akira Chicago
Party Wear: Party City
Pajamas: Rue 21