Sunday, March 3, 2013

Believe In Yourself

I wanted to just give some words of encouragement, because life can be really hard and we all need it from time to time to give us a boost. Any dream you have can come true with determination and hard work. Never settle and believe that you can conquer the world. Don't listen to any foolishness spoken from someone who does not understand your plan and actually may be jealous. Anything is possible when you believe in yourself. No matter how long it takes if you just hang in their everything you have ever wanted will come to you. You can have the best in life, you do not have to suffer. Just a simple dream in your head could have the potential to change the world. Dreamers have been a major influence with success in the world. Without the ideas of those major influences we would not be nor have all the things we have today. Never let anyone stand in the way of your success, because you have to take care of yourself and do what's best for you. Cherish the journey to success, because when you finally reach where you're trying to go you're going to feel so proud of yourself and realize where you started to where you are. Be greatness in this world and be the change. This world needs a lot of work and we all have to work on making it better step by step. I hope you enjoy your day and I hope these words of encouragement has helped some of you in someway.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Travel: Micheal Jordan Resturant

This is the restaurant I went to for my birthday dinner. It's inside the Intercontinental Chicago hotel, and it's very upscale. The menu is pricey, but it's worth it because the food was delicious. The service was great and the servers made sure that we had a delightful experience.

The view from the window at our table.

 I tried their mac and cheese and I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the drink, but it was all so delicious.

I got my cupcake from Crumbs inside the Water Tower and it was my first time visiting them. I got the birthday cake cupcake which came with a free candle. It was just a regular vanilla confetti cupcake with vanilla cream in the middle. It tasted absolutely amazing and I will be definitely taking more trips down their to try more of their delicious cupcakes.

The waiter saw my cupcake and out of no where gave me this beautiful dessert for free for my birthday. That was just so touching and caring for him to do that without being asked. It was so decadent with all that chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and raspberries. I even got to save my cupcake for the next day.

I had an overall amazing experience with this restaurant and I have no doubt that you could too. I really enjoyed my birthday trip, everything was perfect. I'm so grateful I got to spend it with my mom in the amazing city of Chicago.