Saturday, February 9, 2013

Where Should I Go for Valentine's Day???

Valentines Day is around the corner and some of you still might not be sure where you want to go. I am here to help you and give you different options for a variety of budget ranges.

  1. My money is really funny- Money is low and you're not in a particular instance that you can spend alot of money. You still want to do something special for that certain someone. Don't worry I've got you covered!

  • Chili's

They have great selections on the menu and the infamous 2 for $20. Two meals for only $20 is a pretty good deal and perfect for that tight wallet.
  • Olive Garden

Most of the time Olive Garden can be pretty steep, but right now they have a new 3 course dinner meal deal for $12.95. For two it'll only cost $25.90, that includes the starter soup or salad, entree, and dessert. If you really want to be cheap you could both share everything and leave you to be able to give the waiter a tip.

  • Dairy Queen

If you don't even have $25 in your budget, go out for some ice cream and get a couple of dilly bars. It's the thought that counts right?


       2.  I'm comfortable, but not that comfortable-  Money is available, but I don't want to get too crazy. Don't worry we can keep it simple with a moderate budget.

  • Movies

 Going to the movies is a very comfortable and chill setting. Also not as expensive as going out to eat, but doesn't come off as being too cheap. I would recommend seeing the new movie Beautiful Creatures, because it has romance for her and action for him. If you catch the matinee it'll be even cheaper and you can rack up at the concession stand.

  • Red Lobster

Red Lobster isn't what I would say is cheap, but it isn't as expensive as it could be. They have to die for biscuits and great seafood selections. If you love shrimp they have a 30 shrimp for $11.99 deal right now.

  • P.F. Changs

P.F. Changs is a really nice china bistro and a perfect setting for a date. The food is so delicious and they the menu has pretty moderate pricing.


        3. All I see is $$$- Money is no object and I'm willing to pay anything for my sweetheart. This is no problem at all and your sweetheart won't be disappointed.

I really don't think you need my help on this one, you can go just about anywhere. Just make sure you go somewhere very classy and upscale since you can afford it. Its the perfect route to take on this special occasion with your valentine.

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