Saturday, February 16, 2013

Recap of NYC Fashion Week Fall 2013

I wanted to do a recap of my favorite girly looks from the runway that has appeal to youth. I really liked the collections that had very vibrant colors, they really caught my attention.

Betsy Johnson
These are my favorite looks from her fall 2013 collection. I love Betsy Johnson fashion shows, because they're so spunky and stand out from all the rest.

Kate Spade
Her Fall 2013 collection was definitely my absolute favorite. They were so girly and different from the average fall colors. This collection is right up my alley and I got a lot of inspiration of looks I want to try this upcoming fall.

Anna Sui
Of course I picked out the ensembles with the most girly appeal.

Clover Canyon
There were a lot of geometrical designs in this collection, which is what I really love about it.


  1. Clover Canyon was def my fave this year!
    I love your blog and style!!!