Tuesday, November 20, 2012


                                    * These are my views and my opinion of the album *

Anyway I just have to say that this album is.....AMAZING!!! It was very different from the usual Rihanna sound. I am a Rihanna fan and I love anything she puts out. However there is really something special about this album.

The emotions I hear in her voice in the songs are impeccable. I realize how she pours her heart out in all her work and her realness. Its great to see someone in the industry be themselves no matter what someone else is telling them to be. Also, I can personally feel every word she sings in the songs and the passion in the lyrics. OMG JUST PHENOMENAL!!!
Back to the music, she has a wide variety of genres on Unapologetic. She's known for pop, but there's not as much as usual. This album has something for everyone and for my fashion divas, you'll love Fresh out the Runway!! The album is just fantastic and for me I actually love all the songs.
Yes Rihanna you have done it again with your radiant talent!! Great Job!! Definite 5 star!
    List of Songs:
      1. Fresh Out the Runway   
      2. Diamonds  
      3. Numb
      4. Pour It Up   
      5. Loveeeeeee Song    
      6. Jump   
      7. Right Now   
      8. What Now  
      9. Stay  
      10. Nobodies Business    
      11. Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary   
      12. Get It Over With  
      13. No Love Allowed   
      14. Lost in Paradise 
      15. Half of Me -Bonus on the Deluxe Version
The ones highlighted right now are my current favorites, but I honestly like every song! 
There are also two "Diamonds" remixes on the Deluxe

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