Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm going to show you guys all my little goodies I got from Chicago's Fashions Night Out!

Everything Together

Chocolate Rasberry Luna Fiber Bar
Was Pretty good I'll give it a B
Chocolate Luna Protein Bar
Not my preference I give it a F

Kind Nut & Spices Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt
Really good and healthy I give it an A

Frosted Purse Shaped Cookie
Was Average I'll give it a -A
Zero Strawberry Vitamen Water
DELISCIOUS!! Definately an +++A

Crystal Rock Candy Sucker
Very sugary but I'll give it a B

Original Popchips
Really Good I <3 Popchips +A

Cork Breath Mints
Really Good also not an average mint A

Same old Same old
Nothing New

Free samples bag I recieved
has Lotions, Lip Balm, Oils, etc.

Back view and little Note of thre Bag

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