Monday, September 24, 2012

Chicago Fashion's Night Out!

This event was sooo much fun! We went to Nordstorms, Forever21, Neiman Marcus,  and the Water Tower Mall.When we went to Nordstroms there was a contest for best presentation and wardrobe on the models. It was really cool! Then we signed for 2 contests they had and got free goodies. Next we went to Forever21 and just looked around and signed up for another contest, more goodies also. Then we went to Neimans were they had a whole of refreshment like cupcakes, chips, cookies bars, and other fancy delicate treats. We got to see a beautiful fashion show ,which I will put in a post, at Neiman Marcus. This one was by far the best store for the night. We went to Water Tower and they had lunch meat and cheese refreshments, also pops. Then they had this virtual changing room where they pick out for you clothes that best suits your body type. That was my adventurous night!

Virtual Changing Room

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