Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Party and New Year's Eve Party Outfit Idea #3

This outfit is dressy, but so comfortable! The blend of colors are so pretty in this outfit. I believe they go great together and everyone at the party will notice also!

Striped Black and Grey Cardigan Sweater- Old Navy

Back View

Tan Tank Top- Forever 21

Sparkle Black Bodycon Skirt- Forever 21

(The actual color looks more coral) Coral Leggings- H&M

Beige Pumps- DSW

By the end of the night ;)

Holiday Party and New Year's Eve Party Outfit Idea #2

This outfit idea is for those who want to dress up and still be comfortable. I took some of the pictures with my glasses, just to give an idea of how this outfit would look with them.
Black and Blue/Green Studs- Forever 21 
Cream Short Sleeved Button Up Sweater- Old Navy
 Back View
 Polka-Dot Tank Top- Express
Tan Tank Top (under it)- Forever 21
Black Skinny Slacks Pant- Express
Brown Wedge Ankle Boots- JC Penny 
Cozy by the Fire :) 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweet Treat:Try It!

I went to Steak & Shake recently and tried one of their Holiday Specialty Shakes.

 I tried the one below.
It was so delicious and instantly put me in a cheerful mood. The crunch of the peppermint and the taste of the melting chocolate chips on your tongue was just perfect. It is a great combination. Also I got lucky and got two for the price of one using a coupon I got in the mail. So if you get a buy one get one free coupon for the seasonal shakes, using that will get you a better deal. You could either have an extra one for yourself or give one to someone else and let them try it.
Hope you all try it :)

Holiday Party or New Year's Eve Party Outfit Idea #1

This is a dressy holiday party or New Years Eve outfit. Dessing up for these type of parties are sometimes the highlight of closing out the year. So this idea is for those who like to dress up or have to.

 Full Front View
Ruffled Short Sleeved Black Cardigan- TJ Maxx 
Better look at the Sleeve 
 Cheetah Print Coral Dress- Forever 21
Dark Brown Ankle Boots- Forever 21 
 Full Back View
* I Recommend wearing either stockings or leggings under the dress you wear *

I'm Back

I'm sorry i've been gone for so long, but I had a lot I had to do for school. As the semester was ending I had to get all assignments in and take my finals. Well now that that's finished I can display new posts I think you all will enjoy. Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Outfits from Photoshoot

I did a photo shoot about a month ago and I wanted to show the outfits I wore for it. Also I wanted to show the pictures from the photo shoot. I really enjoyed this photo shoot and I hope you like the outfits I chose.

 Hello Kitty Sweatshirt- Forever 21

Statement Necklace- Forever 21 

Jean Leggings- Old Navy
Ballet Flats- Old Navy 
High Waist Leggings- American Apparel
Cross body Purse- Aldo
Ballet Flats- Aldo 

Lace Shirt- Forever 21
 Earrings- Forever 21
 Necklace- Forever 21
 Tank Top- Express
 Full View
 Peplum Skirt- Forever 21
Work it Girl!!!